Kyra Sorce

Dancer - Actor - Singer


!! NEW !! 
Ballet & Musical Theatre Classes 
FaceTime or Zoom (Ages 5-15)

It brings me great joy to start the journey of giving back. Since moving to Chicago from Los Angeles in 2014, I’ve had the privilege of working and training in Equity and AGMA houses the Chicagoland area. As well as doing
a tour of West Side Story at the IHI Stage around in Tokyo, Japan. Working on professional shows and projects brings me the utmost joy, it’s a blessing to be able to excel at my chosen career. Now is the time to give back in the most important way, to teach and share all that I love about Ballet and Musical Theatre! All dancers no matter how big or small have a story to share, it wold be a blessing to be apart of that creative endeavor.


“We dance for laughter,
we dance for tears,
we dance for madness,
we dance for fears,
we dance for hopes,
we dance for screams,
we are the dancers,
we create the dreams.”

Albert Einstein 




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