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I'm Kyra

A New York-based dancer, choreographer, teacher, and model who is passionate about her career and saving the planet.

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"Talk about being struck by lighting. I have been a part of dance for a long time, so I know a dancer when I see one. And when I saw a performance of  'America', it wasn't the first time, so it would have to take a lot for me to 'sit up and take notice. Well, notice I did. This performer, following in the footsteps of Chita, Rita, and Debbie, was, well to coin a phrase, 'killing me softly with her song'. Kyra Sorce came out of the blue and yet I knew this was my perfect Ingenue; a fireball, yet feminine and coquettish. Kyra was exactly what I had in mind for the role of LaDuca's Ingenue. You may blush, Kyra but the Ingenue, like Cinderella slipper, fits you perfectly."

Phil LaDuca


Watch Kyra performs "America" from West Side Story at the Late Show


"Another scene-stealer was Kyra Sorce, who plays Anita, the partner of the leader of the Puerto Rican gang Bernardo. Each of her scenes were both light and intense, impeccably embodying the nuances of the supporting character.
Sorce, and the other Shark girls, performed America with its required gusto. She shined during the disturbingly well-choreographed assault scene, and the emotionally complex A Boy Like That number."



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